Be the first one to comment on this story. You will hear a chime when you'll approach it. The three clues need to be investigated to unlock the location of the weapon, then a final location will be marked. Great feature Locations of the three clues remain the same. Double-Action Revolver Headshot Challenge complete. You can start investigating the clues at any time when you are in Freemode in GTA Online. It's one time thing. This video shows all the 20 locations where you can find the hidden note to start the Treasure Hunt and unlock the Red Dead Redemption 2 Double-Action Revolver in GTA OnlineGTA Online Updates and DLC Playlist: TREASURE HUNT LOCATIONS:0:00 - Introduction0:43 - Location #1 - Del Perro Pier1:35 - Location #2 - Mount Josiah / Cassidy Creek2:35 - Location #3 - Vinewood Hills3:26 - Location #4 - Pacific Bluffs Graveyard4:00 - Location #5 - Tongva Hills Vineyards4:48 - Location #6 - San Chianski Mountain Range5:44 - Location #7 - Great Chaparral Church6:33 - Location #8 - Cassidy Creek7:19 - Location #9 - Tataviam Mountains8:12 - Location #10 - Sandy Shores / Alamo Sea8:46 - Location #11 - Grand Senora Desert9:29 - Location #12 - San Chianski Mountain Range10:09 - Location #13 - Los Santos Golf Club10:59 - Location #14 - Pacific Ocean11:50 - Location #15 - Paleto Bay12:37 - Location #16 - Great Chaparral13:20 - Location #17 - Sandy Shores14:09 - Location #18 - Mount Chiliad14:58 - Location #19 - Tongva Hills / Two Hoots Falls15:41 - Location #20 - Sandy Shores16:48 - Treasure Hunt Challenge===================================GTA Series Videos is a dedicated fan-channel keeping you up to date with all the latest news, video walkthroughs and official trailers of the most successful video games published by Rockstar Games, including Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, Bully and many others.This channel is in no way tied to Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive.Follow GTA Series Videos on:|| YouTube -|| Google+ -|| Facebook -|| Twitter -|| Instagram -|| Vine - more info and videos visit: | | | You want to essentially go to the top of Chiliad and search on the brown board on the wooden platform. The Treasure Hunt will unlock automatically within a few minutes of starting the game. It's located in the middle of the pillars. Location San Andreas Protagonist (s) GTA Online Protagonist Target Treasure Reward (s) Double-Action Revolver $250,000 Technical Information Time of day In-game time " Investigate all clues to find the treasure. Simply head towards the graveyard and find the clue attached to a large tombstone. 1. On top of the mountain overlooking the playground is where you can find this blue. It's on a rock directly under the bridge. The three set clues may be found in any order. Next:How Red Dead Online Expansions Could Be Better Than GTA Online Heists. Apart from GTA Online, players can also use the Double-Action Revolver in Red Dead Online. Once the player uncovers the initial clue, they must head to the 3 locations listed below and recover the clues to the final location. The clue is placed on a rock on the right side of a boat there. The seventh clue is located in the Great Chaparral church. Similarly, you shall discover the clue on the lookout of Mount Chiliad which is either to the Alamo Seas north or Paleto Bays south. GTA Online does exactly that with new missions, collectibles, and all sorts of content being added to the game with every major update. You can use either PvE or PvP and do the headshots in any job or mission that permits gunplay. 0. Pay attention to the tombstones as the clue will be on one of them. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Go to the location from the photo you have been emailed and find a hand written note; 2. Del Perro Pier. Reaction score. The nineteenth clue is located on Tongva Hills in Two Hoot Fall- this clue is fixed to a totem pole in a large open space. FYI, the pic you are receiving is only one possible place in the GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt locations map. Del Perro Pier is renowned for its bright, vivid colors that shine at night, giving the surrounding beaches a sort of vibe. One of the reasons why many players tune into GTA Online regularly is the fact that they can never run out of things to do in its vast open world. The images attached below will show you 20 possible locations filled with clues regarding the treasure. The search area might be wide, but the player will hear a chime when they are near the clue. Valve Corporation. The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. On the south side of the Alamo Sea in Sandy Shores, there's a piece of land that juts out into the water. Located in the center of Vinewood Hills off a road near the Galileo Observatory. After receiving an email from [emailprotected], players can embark upon this quest and uncover riches as well as a bonus item for themselves. Get 50 headshots with this weapon in GTA Online to unlock a GTA$ reward as well as an exclusive variation of the Double-Action Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2. Just look for vineyards in the area of Tongva Hills and you will see the clue right beneath the bridge. By clicking 'enter', you agree to GameSpot's All locations are marked on the map. Using a helicopter or other aerial vehicle will help with this clue. Open the email app on your phone to view it. Meanwhile, another spot among the GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt locations is Tatviam Mountains. You have received an email to begin a Treasure Hunt. The corpse can be found in a small cave near a creek in Tongva Hills. The clue will be located on a tourist board near the juice stand. This clue can be found attached to one of the pillars underneath the Del Perro Pier. A corpse clad only in underwear, boots, and mismatched socks with a severe head injury in a small cave near a creek in the Tongva Hills. GTA Treasure Hunt clue locations. Location 1: Del Perro Pier You will find the clue stickied to one of the pillars supporting the pier on the west coast of Los Santos. If you quit your game for any reason before completing the quest, you will need to start again from the beginning. GTA Online Treasure Hunt - All 20 Locations [Double-Action Revolver] Watch on 1) Mount Josiah/Cassidy Creek This clue is in the Cassidy Creek on Mount Josiah in GTA 5 Online's map. In Lago Zancudo (van not present). The clue will be attached to a wooden pole in the center of this rock formation in a dirt area. Mount Josiah/Cassidy Creek: Near the Raton Canyon. Last edited by gandanick; Dec 15, 2017 @ 4:10am < > . through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Out of twenty locations, a clue can be found at one of these locations, which will have a note pinned to any object. The clue is found at the very end of this land attached to a rock right after the piece of concrete that's tilted upwards. On the very outskirts of the mountains and the adjacent road near the ocean, the clue is located right underneath the land with several trees on it. Got the message too, but can't find the trasure 1. The treasure has been moved. The rewards will be received as soon as the challenge is completed inGTA Online. Terms of Use and Head to the location and pick up a piece of paper. Go to Vinewood Hills and head straight towards the top of the hill. The ninth clue is located in Tataviam Mountains and is perhaps the trickiest to find. At the northwest end of Trevor's main airstrip in the Grand Senora Desert, there's a gap in the metal fence where you'll find some tyres, rubbish bags, and a severed hand. The tenth clue is located near the Alamo sea in Sandy Shores. On one of the fields in the Lost Santos Golf Club, the clue of the next GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt is waiting for you to find. It is located in the Hill Valley Church, a church ministry, where players need to enter the graveyard and take notes that are pinned on the easily visible large tombstone. Location #4: Pacific Bluffs Graveyard Found on a large gravestone in the graveyard at Hill Valley Church. This will then send you to three specific locations on the map, which are fairly easy to find. Privacy Policy, Now Playing: Everything We Want in Grand Theft Auto 6. When the player reaches Tongva Hills, they have to look for a large open space where the clue is pinned on the totem pole of an owl. Chumash North 2. Once the player finds the treasure that is marked by Boles Overland Stage Co. A bloody shovel (clearly the murder weapon) in a wrecked building on the beach at Sandy Shores. Following are locations and maps of all Treasure Hunt in GTA Online. Another fine location of the clue is on a wooden table at the top of a mountain near Sandy Shores. Note: The treasure hunt can be completed by both online characters to unlock the weapon but the headshot challenge is combined across both characters so there will only be one $250,000 awarded per account. [[The_Diamond_Casino_Heist/Preparations#General_Prep_Work|, [[The Cayo Perico Heist/Preparations#Approach Vehicle|, [[The Cayo Perico Heist/Preparations#Equipment|, [[The Cayo Perico Heist/Preparations#Weapon Loadout|, [[Heist Prep: Unmarked Weapons (The Cayo Perico Heist)|, [[The Cayo Perico Heist/Preparations#Disruption|, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City Stories,, Missions in GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist, Exclusive Enhanced Version Content in GTA Online, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, [[GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort|, A corpse clad only in underwear, boots and mismatched socks with a severe head injury in a small cave near a creek in the, An empty gun case at the base of a tree on, An exclusive weapon unlock in Rockstar Games' forthcoming Red Dead Redemption II for. Vinewood Boulevard (Vinewood) 9. In Tonga Hills, you can go past the river and the vineyards to find a waterfall with a small dirt road that connects itself near it. The Double-Action Revolver is available for purchase from Ammu-nation. This will unlock three clue locations - one in Grapeseed, another in Sandy Shores and a third in the hills between Great Chaparral and Los Santos. If players feel a bit tired after the repeated heists and missions, they can choose to resign from all criminal activities for a while and go looking for treasure. It will be located on the beach attached to the underside of a rock. Players need to go underneath the bridge and look for the rock where the clue is located near the flowing river. A bloody shovel (clearly the murder weapon) in a wrecked building on the beach at Sandy Shores. Travel to Grand Senora Desert and find the airfield at the Sandy Shores. The fourteenth clue is located on Pacific ocean beach and can be a hassle to find. The clue will be on the western rock formation, attached to the boulder on its lower side. In the center of Sandy Shores, find this clue in the middle of the desert near two boulders. We've marked every single one of them on the map below, including details of their exact whereabouts. Although the missionbecame available in 2017, it's still currently active. As the name suggests this is another one located on top of a mountain -you'll find the clue on a wooden table. Lol. Sep 16, 2021, PC/Console - After finding the notes from the assigned locations in GTA Online, players will now have to decode the three clues mentioned in it. Please logout and login again. You will find the clue on the doors of the hangar. Your login session has expired. GTA Online is perhaps one of Rockstar's most financially successful projects as it continues to grow and attract new players seemingly by the day. Location #1: Del Perro Pier Under the pier, on a pillar. With that being said, lets learn about all 20 locations and clue notes to get the treasure chest in GTA Online. There will be a clue on the table at that lookout. The first photo clue from the e-mail can be found in any of the 20 locations below. Apr 27, 2023, PC/Console - It will have a cave, inside of which lies the corpse they are. All rights reserved. GTA Online Shark Card Guide - Which card is best? The images attached below will show you 20 possible locations filled with clues regarding the treasure. Go to the beach which is south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station and you shall see your clue on a rock on the seashore. Find the yellow Truck Stand that features a scenic overlook of Baytree Canyon View. Only the initial location (from the email) you have to visit is random. The sound of a metal wind chime can be heard if the clue is nearby. The sixteenth clue is located within Great Chaparral and is relatively easy to find on a communications pole on top of the hill. Location #1 (Del Perro Pier): On the pillars supporting Del Perro Pier. Rockford Hills 8. Go up a hill to a large boulder on the cliffside but stop at the road underneath it. All rights reserved. 55. Located off the mountain range on the ocean's side, this clue is located on the large rock formation next to the docks and boathouse. At the northern part of the mountain range, look for the clue atop the mountains attached to a cross in the ground. The grave is located just before the white fence behind the church. . Los Santos is where most of GTA 5 treasure hunt locations are mostly found, but you must be attentive to find the hint required to locate them. Look under a large tree with broken bark on the Western side of the road, and you should see an open box with an indentation for a revolver. Now, reach the maps southeastern part. This clue is in the Cassidy Creek on Mount Josiah in GTA 5 Online's map. Head towards the abandoned building in the desert and find the clue attached to the wall. There's an easter egg available in GTA Online but it requires a serious time commitment. The second clue can be discovered atop the hill that looks over a bridge in Cassidy Creek. The eighth clue is located in Cassidy Creek - head to the large bridge in the creek and find the clue on a tree underneath. 2023 Gfinity PLC. In five minutes you'll receive an email with a picture of a specified location. The player then has to find three clues. Vespucci 6. However, the best spot to quickly get 50 headshots is Del Perro Pier. I started playing GTA online a few days ago and yesterday I got the email for the gold revolver treasure hunt but I turned off my console and now the locations for the clues won't pop up anymore and the email is gone does anyone know how to get the quest to pop up again? Afterward, spot a broken boat on the Sandy Shores. It has a dry, arid climate, and is home to many coyotes that often end up as roadkill . Sandy Shores is a small desert town located on the northern edge of the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine County, San Andreas that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. You know it starts when you get an email from which contains a monochrome picture of a certain area in GTA 5 Online. It is located in the Great Chaparral, Los Santos County, San Andreas. Fear not, we have you covered. Find and investigate the remaining clues. If you want to find them all, then follow the guide below. Players will see the Beam Me Up art installation East of Sandy Shores. Furthermore, if you land 50 headshots with this revolver, you will get $200,000 GTA$ along with an exclusive Red Dead Online weapon. Go to the Alamo Sea. This side mission was meant to coincide with the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2, as the studio had just released a trailer for the critically-acclaimed western open-world game. Once the player has recovered the clues, the treasure's location will be unlocked on the map, and the player can uncover it to unlock the Double-Action Revolver. Located in the middle of a winding section of roads in Great Chapparal. In these Treasure Hunt locations, you will findthree different objects: Reminder: This mission can be done only once. The last possible one in GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt locations is Senora National Park. If you're still confused about any of the clue locations, you can check out their full video below. This location is on the edge of San Chianski Mountain Range, where a boat and a small house can be seen. Completing the Treasure Hunt mission in Grand Theft Auto Online will award players some money and an exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon. The fifteenth clue is located within Paleto Bay and is another hard one to miss. The search radius for the initial search is very wide. Area. PC/Console. To start the hunt, players have to partake in an online session and find the clues for the photo attached to the email they get. #3. Tataviam Mountains. It will be marked on the map with a yellow question mark. Dec 15, 2017. The update added a 'Treasure Hunt' to the game which served as a teaser for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. Upon finding this clue, the player will have three more clue locations marked on their map. Location 2: Cassidy Creek #1 The pier is home to many attractions. Location #2: Mount Josiah / Cassidy Creek On a large rock at the peak. After all of that, your final note will tell you that the treasure has been moved because it tore apart a family. When the protagonist enters the mine, they can find various railroad . Players can go directly to Mount Chiliad, where the clue is on a wooden table. You have gone half the way, try a bit more! It's important to note that if players leave a session while in the middle of the Treasure Hunt mission, progress will be reset, and they will receive a new random location to search.

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