Read our article How to Use Log Video to Gain More Control Over Your Image to learn more about shooting with a log curve. Best Mirrorless Camera For Video: Panasonic Lumix S5 II Reviewed! Unlike the FX9 which uses two XQD media slots that support simultaneous or relay recording, the FX6 utilizes new CFexpress type A cards. When not shooting log, the base ISO is 800. SDI Output: 1 x BNC HD/3G-SDI The values for dimensions are approximate. ND auto lets you keep your ISO, shutter speed and f-stop locked and then the electronic ND will automatically make adjustments to keep your exposure correct. This is a major problem if you want to run the camera on a gimbal and need to remove the top handle. A good proportion of people who were interested in the FX9 have already bought that camera, but it is heavily back-ordered in some places around the world. So whether buying new lenses, or making use of lenses youve already purchased, the FS5 makes it easy. The FS5 II has great slow-motion frame rates with the option to shoot up to 960 frames per second internally. This price makes it around $5000 USD less than the FX9 and around $2500 USD more than an a7S III. A 3.5-inch LCD screen can be attached in no less than nine different locations: three on top of the handle and another six on top of the body. Set the frame rate of your camera. Sony has officially unveiled the FX6, the third camera in its new Cinema Line. It is unclear whether you need the CBK-WA100/101 Wireless Adapter to be able to do this. All fine lines are still and look good. Its easy to upgrade FS5 to meet almost any requirement. Somy fs5 Timecode input : r/LocationSound Somy fs5 Timecode input I've worked with the Sony FS7 a bunch, but I don't think I've worked with the Sony fs5 before. The camera can go up to ISO 32,000, and even though there is significant noise at that level, the picture integrity is still there and the colors are still true. If you are primarily shooting video, then items such as built-in electronic variable ND, XLR inputs, SDI In, Timecode In/Out, better cooling, LUTS, and form factor make a big difference. The FX6 is going to start shipping around the same time as the Canon C70 which it is undoubtedly going to be compared to. This is the same technology that has made its way over from Sonys Alpha series mirrorless cameras. Items that can be changed on theMain Statuswindow include: Unfortunately, it doesnt appear that you can change the white balance, ISO/Gain, ND, shutter, or Iris using the touch screen while you are on theMain Statusmenu. Grab and shoot with Sonys entry-level 4K Super 35-mm camcorder. Essentially it is an a7S III in a form factor that is much better suited for video applications. The sensor in the FX6 should allow you to comfortably shoot in very low light environments without generating a lot of image noise. The FX6 can internally record in resolutions of up to 4K DCI. At first, the grip felt strange because it requires multiple fingers to operate. FS5 is all about choices. Matthew is available to hire as a DP in Japan or for work anywhere else in the world. It will pick up room noise. This was a temporary setback, however, as we quickly adapted our muscle memory and found it to be very intuitive. Sensitivity ISO Rating: 3200 (S-Log3 Gamma) It now joins the FX9 and the VENICE in Sonys professional digital cinema line-up. For example, you can connect and control Sony wireless microphone systems such as the UWP-D11 or UWP-D12 or attach the HVL-LBPC light.*. But in saying that, it is still capable of theoretical speeds of up to 1000MB/s. It also rotates and moves very easily. AC Adapter: 12 VDC During our tests using the Shogun Inferno, we determined we wanted the expanded recording capabilities more than the external monitor. It felt nice in-hand, allowing simple shooting at both low and high angles. By utilizing this smaller megapixel sensor in the FX6, Sony can give you UHD at up to 120p with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. It can capture CinemaDNG and ProRes 444 internally. Like we do with every camera that comes through the Videomaker Labs, we tested the FS5 IIs low light performance, rolling shutter effect and moir. With the PXW-FS5, the speed of the menu operation is a non-issue. Despite offering similar sensors and a lot of similarities when it comes to frame rates and recording options, the FX6 is a video camera and not a hybrid mirrorless. Sony states that the camera will not overheat in any recording situation. Last is the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K, priced at $6,000. This feature is also compatible with any E-mount lens and allows for far faster processing than conventional NLE stabilization workflows. The variable ND can be adjusted to provide between 2 and 7 stops of ND. Chris Monlux Videomaker's Multimedia Editor, Some wont take advantage of the ProRes RAW option because the format can currently only be edited in Final Cut Pro X. This camera really excels at run-and-gun shooting. Once you have several camera models below a certain price point in your line-up you put yourself between a rock and a hard place. Just a few knobs to loosen and the location of the LCD can be personalized. Once youve zoomed in at maximum optical magnification, By Pixel Super Resolution technology can enlarge the image by an additional 200% in Full HD. This is the exact same LCD that comes with the FX9. Shoot, edit and view content in Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) to deliver content quickly without compromising on imaging expression and quality of content, S-Log2/3 is the proven choice for premium applications where you wish to capture as much data as possible for the ultimate flexibility in grading, CBKZ-FS5HFR* enables continuous 120fps in Full HD, CBKZ-FS5RIF** enables continuous 240fps in 2K RAW and maximum four seconds of 120fps in 4K (with a suitable recorder). Youre probably thinking of the channels as stereo pairs, with each Shooting in UHD 4K with its Super 35 image sensor, its image quality is superb. The URSA Mini is also cheaper and does shoot 4K 4.6k in fact but has the drawback of weighing about 5lbs and lacks the ease of use of the FS5. Add $1,300 to account for the cost of a Shogun Inferno to the FS5 IIs base cost of, Mechanical Filter Wheel with 2 Stop (1/4), 4 Stop (1/16), 6 Stop (1/64) ND Filters and a 1/4 to 1/128 Stop Electronic ND Filter. Sony touts 14 stops of dynamic range with the FS5 II. S-log2 offers more dynamic range to cameras with 14 stops of dynamic range or fewer. We first noticed the cameras ergonomics, influenced by both its weight and the grip integration. This makes absolutely no sense and if I was an FX9 owner I would probably be upset about this. ND Filter: Variable: 1/4 to 1/128 Presets: Clear, 1/4, 1/26, 1/64 It drastically changes the center of gravity, so handheld shooting is much different with the monitor. Audio Recording Format: XAVC Long, Linear PCM 2, ch, 24-bit, 48kHz, AVCHD, Linear PCM 2 ch, 16-bit, 48kHz, Dolby digital 2ch, 16-bit, 48kHz The grip is wonderful to use. Its main competition arguably comes in the form of the Canon C70, RED KOMODO, Z Cam E6-FF, and perhaps the older Panasonic EVA1. Lightweight but robust, it delivers stunning 4K HDR content. *Accessories sold separately. It is also important to note that there is a slight 10% crop of the image when you record UHD 100/120fps. People are still likely to still complain that theres no internal RAW recording, there are no anamorphic modes and that it cant record in 6K, but as I mentioned earlier, most of the potential buyers of this camera dont require those things. You can see an early look from B&H above. The FX6 can be used as your main camera, a B camera to the FX9, the A camera to a Sony a7S III, and so on. Anybody complaining that they were expecting an FX9 in a smaller body with the same features for less money is living in a dream world. What about recording differences? There are several mirrorless cameras that would get you into UHD 4K at less than half the cost of the FS5. The adapter also gives you the additional controls for those two channels of audio. Despite its amazingly light 1.77-lb body, the FS5 is more than tough enough for the rigors of real-world shooting. It records via SD card and is equipped with two card slots. In theory, the rolling shutter performance should be better than that of the FX9 and on par with the a7S III. I personally have my doubts about whether they will do either of those things. **Paid upgrade. We love the electronic ND filter and are impressed by the video quality captured externally. The FX6 has a lot in common with both the FX9 and a7S III, and given its feature set, it certainly does cross over right into FX9 territory. He is the Editor of and has been writing on the site since 2010. By doubling the ISO, we are able to see the performance at every stop. With 14 stops of dynamic range, we were very impressed in the detail and tonal reproduction of the camera. You can also view images from the camera in real-time on a smartphone running Content Browser Mobile. On the other hand, part of the benefit from the newer S-log3 is its capability to work with more than 14 stops of dynamic range, so its advantages are wasted on cameras with a smaller dynamic range. 70 PXW-FS5 purchased by Sichuan University. Robust and modular: FS5 can be easily reconfigured for drone and gimbal operation. Just what the actual real-world difference will look like between the FX9 and FX6 will be interesting to see. It also allows you to use touch AF directly on the screen. V2 or above firmware required. Depending on the lens you use, the full setup can easily stay under 3 pounds. Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) adaptor for URX-P03D (Dual Channel), 128GB, 64GB and 32GB ultra high durability Memory Cards, 17-inch cost-effective, lightweight basic grade Full HD LCD monitor for versatile use, 24-inch cost-effective, lightweight basic grade Full HD LCD monitor for versatile use, Two-channel simultaneous battery charger/AC adaptor for BP-U90/U60/U60T/U30 Lithium-ion battery, Battery charger/AC adaptor for BP-U90/U60/U60T/U30 Lithium-ion battery, "Grab and shoot" Super 35 handheld camcorder with stunning new creative look, 4K 120fps HFR and HDR, Mount lens system, Variable ND Filter, 4K/2K RAW and XAVC recording, Approx. Open your Tentacle Setup App and set your frame rate. channel having L and R tracks, so you were trying to route input 2 to Just because a new camera comes along, it doesnt make the camera you already have obsolete. ND Filters can also be set to auto. Go beyond what anyone ever expected for a camcorder that weighs just 1.77 lbs. LCD Monitor: 3.5 / 8.8 cm The nice thing about this camera is that it doesnt require overly-expensive media. Camera Audio Settings: On Channel 1, I have selected Input 1 on and on Channel 2 I have selected Input 1 as well. Approx. Sony PXW-FS5 II $4,748.00 at B&H Video View Price at Amazon TECH SPECS: Image Sensor Size: Super35 Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor Resolution: 4096 x 2160 Effective Sensor Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Gain: 0 to 30 dB (Native) Lens Mount: Sony E-Mount We felt that the ND being linearly adjustable is a great feature and a no-brainer. This allows you to control your camera and also control focus, iris, and zoom with a lens such as the new Sony FE C 16-35mm T/3.1 G E-Mount Lens. This is something you need to keep in mind long term, even though I personally think 4K will be fine for many years to come. Sony almost always seems to get its camera timings just right (at least when it comes to digital cinema cameras). If youre used to DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, then you might also be happy to find that the FS5 is not bogged down by having a 30 minute record time limit, a short battery life or any overheating issues, and it has 2 XLR inputs. ), Slow & Quick Motion and Super Slow Motion Limitations, Camcorder Sony PXW-FS5M2 Operating Manual, Camcorder Sony PXW-FS7 Operating Instructions Manual, Camcorder Sony PXW-FS7M2 Operating Instructions Manual, Camcorder Sony PXW-X400 Instructions Before Use, Page 19: Step 2: Using A Battery Pack Or Ac Adaptor, Page 24: Step 4: Attaching The Handle, Accessory Shoe, Microphone, Lcd Screen, And Grip, Page 31: Step 5: Turning On The Camcorder And Setting The Date And Time, Page 32: Step 6: Adjusting The Lcd Screen And Viewfinder, Page 34: Step 7: Adjusting The Angle Of The Grip, Page 39: Continuous Recording On The Memory Cards (Relay Rec), Page 40: Recording Movies Using Both Memory Card A And B (Simul Rec), Page 43: Using Automatic Focus/Fixed Focus Temporarily (Push Auto Focus/Focus Hold), Page 45: Focusing On A Detected Face (Face Detection), Page 46: Changing The Recording Setting/Image Size, Page 49: Adjusting The Iso Sensitivity/Gain, Page 51: To Adjust The Amount Of Light (Nd Filter), Page 56: Slow & Quick Motion/Super Slow Motion Recording, Page 62: Recording Sound From An External Audio Device, Page 63: Adjusting The Audio Recording Level, Page 66: Downloading "Content Browser Mobile, Page 67: Using A Smartphone As A Camcorder Remote Control, Page 68: Connecting Without Using The Nfc Function (Android), Page 69: Connecting Without Using The Nfc Function (Iphone/Ipad), Page 89: Using The Gamma Display Assist Function, Page 91: Preventing Accidental Operation (Hold Switch), Page 92: Inverting The Lcd Screen Display, Page 96: Changing/Checking The Settings In Your Camcorder, Page 97: Checking The Camcorder Settings (Status Check), Page 99: Selecting Jacks For External Output, Page 111: Preventing Data On A Memory Card From Being Recovered, Page 112: Repairing The Image Database File, Page 149: Warning Indicators And Messages, Page 153: Function Limitations When Recording, Page 154: Slow & Quick Motion And Super Slow Motion Limitations, Page 155: Proxy Recording Supported Formats, Page 158: File/Folder Structure On The Memory Card, Page 161: About Handling Of Your Camcorder. At the same time as the FS5 II was announced at NAB 2018, Apple announced ProRes RAW, made possible with a few partners including Atomos and the Shogun Inferno. Sony isnt discontinuing the FS5 M2 anytime soon. Along with the two XLR inputs on the camera handle, the camera also has a MI shoe that allows you to attach the Sony XLR-K3M Dual-Channel Digital XLR Audio Adapter. Should you purchase the Canon EOS R8 for video? 1. 4K resolution: 11.6 million total pixels and 8.8 million* effective pixels deliver 4K resolution. In some ways releasing a camera in 2020 that can only record 4K when a lot of your competition is doing 6K and 8K might at first seem like a strange decision. | Review, The Canon EOS R50 is the perfect camera for beginners | Review, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 review: A beautiful image in a lackluster package. Once in New York City, we shot around and in the High Line urban park area. FS RAW in 4K or 2K with an external recorder for future-proof content. . Page 18: Audio Inputs Audio Inputs The camera has a built-in stereo microphone on the handle. This proprietary Sony technology significantly extends your ability to get closer to a remote scene while preserving image quality. In addition to the seven standard picture profiles, the FS5 II has two flavors of log: S-log2 and S-log3. The electronic ND filter is the same as the one first offered in the FS5. If you have a great idea youd like to share with our readers, send it to The camera will be available in two versions: -Sony FX6 with the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens: $7,199.99 USD. The built-in microphone. Given the target audience for the FX6, this is something a lot of users are going to appreciate. It was just too touchy. With little investment needed for accessories, flash memory and batteries, its good to go straight from the store. the camera in the box is actually good for more than five minutes of use. The LCD for the PXW-FS5 is the same as the FS7, however unlike with the PXW-FS7 where it felt lightweight and cheap considering the cost of the camera, the LCD fit the smaller form factor better and felt more in line with the value of the camera. Its just so convenient when shooting run-and-gun video. Consider becoming aPatreon supporterand help us to continue being the best source of news and reviews for professional tools for the independent filmmaker. The picture quality is superb and the form factor is easy to use but those things dont come cheap. . You need to be aware that the FX6 does not come with an external microphone. It features 14 stops of dynamic range, applicable to both raw and XAVC recording as long as S-Log is turned on, for truly filmlike rendering of highlights . Just like the FX9, the FX6 isnt capable of recording in any anamorphic modes. For more information, please see our The PXW-FS5 has a Super 35 Exmor CMOS image sensor the same size as the PXW-FS7. GoPro HERO11 Black review: Should you upgrade? It looks very similar in a lot of ways, however, you will notice that there is no longer an EVF on the back. All the configurations you posted above notably dont include using input 2, where your mic is plugged in.This assumes youve got something else, like a shotgun mic, in channel 1.

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